When Do You Need Orthodontic Treatment?

Some people consider orthodontic treatment as a luxury and that metal braces connote a status symbol since treatments could be expensive. But, crooked teeth are actually a health hazard since it is more difficult to clean and prone to other graver dental issues. Some even thought that getting orthodontics treatment is to just correct the teeth alignment for physical appearance’s purposes. Not knowing that crooked teeth could lead to headaches since there is extra pressure on muscles we use to chew our food and pain brought about by temporomandibular joint syndrome.

If you feel like you could benefit from orthodontic treatment, ask your dentist or orthodontist about it. Submit to tests and x-rays and if there are underlying problems that could be corrected at the earliest.

You Need Orthodontic Treatment If You Have Prominent Teeth

Prominent teeth are teeth that jut out of the teeth alignment making them noticeable and unsightly. Treating these teeth would of course help with your physical appearance. It would also help cure an incorrect bite and the jaw joints would not be subjected to unnecessary stress. Those with protruding teeth are also susceptible to injuries particularly those who lead an active lifestyle. People with corrected prominent teeth were also able to eat and speak better after the misaligned teeth were fixed.

You Need Orthodontic Treatment If You Have A Tooth Gap

In some cultures, tooth gaps are considered attractive. It is the case at times depending on the patient too, although there are some pitfalls as to having gaps such as being prone to hygienic problems. These gaps could become food traps and could be the cause of bad breath and gum diseases since these food particles, if not properly removed could become plaque. Problems with chewing are sometimes also associated with teeth gaps.

You Need Orthodontic Treatment If You Have A “Gummy” Smile

People with gummy smiles suffer from a condition wherein the gum in their upper lip is disproportionate. It is often considered as an aesthetic problem but the excess gum tissue could be the cause of a more serious dental condition such as an improper bite. If you are feeling less confident to smile because of your gums, this is already a valid reason for you to visit an orthodontist. For example, Peninsula Dental orthodontics offers general dentistry services and specialized services.

You Need Orthodontic Treatment If You Have A Facial Deformity Due To Jaw Discrepancies

Jaw discrepancies could be treated by braces. But, there are severe cases where the person suffering from jaw discrepancies also have their facial features deformed resulting in difficulty in eating, speech impediments, gum and palate problems etc. In severe cases such as these, orthognathic treatment or surgery is recommended to treat the problem.

We will all face dental issues no matter how careful and diligent we are in caring for our gums and teeth. Certain things would be beyond our control and we might need to undergo dental procedures. But these are part of normal life and we just have to take the initiatives and necessary steps to ensure that we have exceptional oral health.




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