Things You Must Know Before Visiting A Spa

Life can be stressful, which is why pampering yourself at the spa is a good way to unwind. If this is your first time visiting one, you’re probably excited. This is great, but there are certain things you should be informed of before you visit. Thankfully for you, we’ll be discussing these below. Keep on reading to find out.

Can You Go To A Spa If You’re Sick?

We all get sick, it’s human nature. Now, you have a trip to the spa planned and you’re ready to be pampered. However, you’re sick! What do you do? Frankly, it is up to you if you’re still going.

Most spas would let you in, but some may be picky if you’re very sick. So, you should probably contact them beforehand. Moreover, some of the treatments offered may worsen your condition so you have to run these by your doctor, getting his approval.

That being said, if you’re not that sick but still choose to go, it is not the polite thing to do. It is common courtesy to avoid this. This is as you will be infecting others around you, especially the workers.

Can You Still Go To A Spa If You’re Pregnant?

If you’re pregnant, you may wonder if you can visit a spa. Thankfully, there are many spa programs made especially for pregnant women, some even known to induce labor.

If you want to visit a spa– not the ones for pregnant ladies, you can. However, it depends per your trimester, so you should speak to your doctor. A general rule for any pregnant lady to keep in mind is to avoid treatment that may overstimulate their senses.

You can imagine being pampered at the spa is great if you’re pregnant. You can detox, unraveling from all the pregnancy-related stress that is on your mind and body.

How Clean Must You Be Before You Visit A Spa?

Whatever spa you may visit, you will see a strict code of hygiene. This ensures that the safety of the clients is not compromised. It is a mandatory practice that all spas maintain. However, some are more thorough on the hygiene front, like Eclipse Day Spa.

The staff does this on their end, sterilizing the equipment and regularly cleaning the rooms. However, there are certain things customers can do as well. It is spa etiquette for clients to ensure they are as clean as possible before entering, having taken a thorough body wash. This is because you will not be bringing any contamination to the pristine environment (as mentioned, being sick but still visiting the spa is permitted, but it’s not polite as you’re even expected to clean yourself before entering to rid the chance of dirt getting into the vicinity)

You Should Do This Before Treatment

If you’re at the spa, waiting to go in, you should inform your therapist of any specific ailments you are having, such as a sore neck or tense back. With this information, he can treat you accordingly, helping alleviate this tension.

So, we’ve concluded the article, covering everything you should know. You are now ready for a day at the spa.




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