Signs That You May Need Family Counselling

Family is the most basic unit of our society. Maintaining harmony and balance in this unit is essential for overall harmony in the society. However, since a family is composed of several members, it could get a little challenging to maintain balance and harmony with everyone especially with all the differences each member has.

No matter what the issue is, this should not be a case of a family drifting apart from each other. If you feel that there’s something amiss in your family, seeking professional help can do a lot in bringing back the balance and harmony that it should have. Here are some of the signs that family counselling can help you out.

Feeling Disconnected

Feeling disconnected from family members is common these days. There are a variety of signs that your family is suffering from disconnectedness with each other. It could be that you’re checking your phone first thing in the morning when you wake up rather than greeting your family.

It might be your children getting so busy and engrossed with their gadgets that they don’t even get to talk to you anymore. To help bring back the lost connectedness and communication within your family, enrolling in a Perth family therapy goes a long way in bringing it all back.

Having a Loner Family Member

Seeking for some time alone is a normal part of life. Sometimes, the husband may long for a quick weekend getaway with the guys. The wife may want to have some me time free from all the responsibilities at home. As children turn into teenagers, they start to seek for more privacy than before.

However, if you notice a family member withdrawing from everyone – just keeping to themselves, not mingling with the family – it is one of the sings that you need to go for a family counselling. People who withdraw from everyone might be suffering from something more serious such as depression or abuse and family counselling can help resolve these issues.


Addiction is one of the common problems that cause a family to fall apart. It affects almost anyone – whether it is the parents, children, or even extended members. If one member is suffering from alcohol, drug, or any forms of addiction, family counselling can help you fight the battle together by teaching ways on how to support each other in fighting this issue.

Growing Apart

People change as they grow older and this is very true when it comes to families. Family members adapt differently to the way changes happen in their lives. For instance, your teen may want to move out of the house to go on college.

Your partner may want to pursue better in career while you have other plans for your life as well. These differences can be a cause of conflict of not handled out properly. Family counselling can help you out in navigating around these differences without fighting yet still ends up with everyone happy in the end. There are plenty of reasons why families seek for professional help. When you’re faced with one of these problems, there’s no need to hesitate and seek for family counselling




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