How to Get Your Baby to Stop Crying

Babies can cry a lot. This will undoubtedly drive you over the edge if you don’t learn how to get it under control. But as you’ll soon learn, if you haven’t already, sometimes a baby will cry if he’s hungry, tried or cold but sometimes the reason isn’t all that obvious. So, you’ll have to work on a getting a variety of skills under your belt so you know what exactly works best for your little one when he’s cranky and feeling under the weather.

Rock Your Baby

These rocking motions are great, soothing ways to lull that frantic edge away. If you get tired, a swing will do the trick just fine. But make sure that it’s designed to hold a baby or they’ll end up slumping over.


This has been a miracle worker for many a parent. If you don’t have yourself a vibrating baby seat, and it’s out of your budget to get one, then simply strap your baby into his seat and place on top of an appliance like a washing machine or dryer. This one is for the frustrated parents that simply have no other methods to resort to- hey, if it works, it works.

Car Rides

Usually a car ride has a smooth, consistent motion and a cooling atmosphere in case your baby is feeling heated as well. Simply hop in and go for a small drive, you’ll find your baby being lulled to sleep in no time. Of course, this will simply make matters worse if your baby just wants to wander about and you’re trapping him in a car seat instead.


Wrap your baby using a thin, lightweight blanket and her arms across her chest. This tends to have quite a soothing effect on the baby probably as it imitates the protective circumstance of being in the mother’s womb. Babies also sleep longer and far more soundly when in this position.


A baby sling provides a dark, warm enclosure, cocooning your baby in the comfort of your scent and close enough to hear your heartbeat. You can even breastfeed with this handy accessory.


If your baby is going through his teething phase, this can be incredibly painful. Getting some bubba chew silicone teething beads will relieve the soreness of his gums.


Sometimes a bit of noise can distract your little one long enough to make him forget his frustrations. For example, you can start vacuuming the house (though in some instances this may worsen the situation), or you can turn on a fan for a much softer whirring effect. Even recordings of the beach or rainfall might do the trick if you’re lucky!

Remove the Clothes

Though you may not feel it, baby’s own clothes might be hot or tight, constricting him in some way. Try removing his clothes and giving him a massage to soothe those frazzled nerves.

These are some of the best, proven ways to get your baby to stop crying. As a last ditch effort you can also try to take him outside to distract him with stimuli that’s softer on the eyes and ears.


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