How to Dress To the Gym – A Guide for Men

Wearing good clothes to the gym is a good way to avoid unnecessary accident when you are working out. They will make sure you are comfortable, able to breath in them while you exercise, are not too sweaty, and will not give you rashes or injuries. So if you are wondering how and what to wear to the gym, here are some tips to help you out in picking the right clothes.

Shorts and Sweats

Choosing shorts is the best option as to what bottoms you should wear. Shorts will keep you comfortable and allow you more movement than sweatpants. Also, sweatpants tend to get hot as you do heavy exercise, and especially cotton ones will not allow you to breath in them. While it is not completely weird to wear sweats, only wear them if you are comfortable. Make sure your shorts are not too short or too long too. Do not pick shorts that extend more than one inch below your knees. Make sure to pick something with an elastic waistband.

Choosing a Top

A cotton t-shirt or even a tank top will be good for light workout where you will not sweat too much. If you want a more modest item, choose t-short over the tank top. But if you are doing heavy workout, you will have to choose a shirt that is made up of a sweat-wicking material such as polyester, spandex or nylon. Always choose items that are breathable and will not make you too sweaty as this can leave you uncomfortable and restrict your movement. You can easily find a short that fits you any sports clothing stores near you or at collection of mens clothing online.

Pick the Right Footwear

Most often, the type of shoe you should wear depend on the type of exercise you are doing. For example, doing cardio will require you to get shoes that gives your legs and feet enough protection. If you are planning to use the treadmill, then the best option is to pick a pair of running shoes. For weight lifting, you will need shoes that can provide ankle and arch support. But if you are using something such as an exercise bike, your footwear does not matter too much and you will be fine as long as you wear something that is comfortable and is of the right size. When picking your socks, make sure they are breathable too. Cotton is one of the best options for socks.

These are the main tips to remember when you dress for the gym. When you are shopping for gym clothes make sure to look for their material and size before you check their design and brand. There is no need to go for world famous brands all the time. As long as what you are wearing allows you to breathe properly and move freely, and does not make you sweat too much, the brand and the design should not matter a lot.




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