How Do You Avoid Stinky Feet? A Parent’s Guide

If you have a little one, you may notice their feet may stink at times. There are several things you can do to prevent this. If interested, be sure to read ahead.

Wash Their Feet

Children are known to be unclean. Because of this, you have to constantly monitor your little ones and make sure they’re constantly showing. This ensures their body is rid of any sweat or muck they could’ve accumulated throughout the day.

If they don’t shower, their shoes, socks, and feet can get pretty stinky as they’re so dirty. Hence, make sure this is not the case.

Are Their Shoes Tight?

It can be hard to get shoes for little ones. Their feet are so tiny and most retailers don’t sell shoes that fit them perfectly. Unfortunately, this can cause their feet to get pretty stinky as well.

Because their feet are trapped in a pretty tight shoe. If it’s too small, their feet will start to sweat excessively. As you can imagine, the sweat build-up will cause bacteria to grow in the shoe and their feet, causing them to stink up.

Whose Shoes Are They Wearing?

Your little one may be wearing other people’s shoes. He may be swapping them with friends or family. You don’t want this as bacteria can transfer from shoe to shoe.

These bacteria aren’t the best as they’re the ones that cause feet to stink up. So your little one should always wear his shoes.

Get A Disenfencent Spray

You need to get a disinfectant spray if you want your kid’s feet to be as stink-free as possible. You can’t get a hold of such a spray through regular means.

Instead, you’ll have to speak with a podiatrist as they’ll be able to prescribe a spray for their feet. However, you can’t go to just any podiatrist-they have to especially treat children. Thankfully, there are many podiatrists specialized in treating kids in the Armadale area- book now all suburbs can do so, so don’t worry!

Does He Wear Socks?

Your kid needs to wear socks regularly. He may wear his shoes without them, which causes his feet to be exposed to the shoe’s fabric itself. Exposure directly to the shoe can be uncomfortable, causing his feet to heat up.

Such humidity is a great environment for bacteria, causing his feet to stink over time. This is especially true if he constantly wears shoes without socks.

If he does wear socks regularly, you need to assess what type of material they’re made from. They may be too thick, doing just as much damage as being exposed to the shoe’s fabric.

How Often Are His Shoes Cleaned?

As you can see, there are numerous ways shoes can be filled up with bacteria. So you should regularly clean them. By doing so, you’re eliminating as much bacteria as possible.

With the above points in consideration, you can see there are many ways your child’s feet can stink up. That’s why you should heed the above points and avoid the mentioned situations.




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