Health Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp oil is obtained from the Cannabis sativa plant. The seeds of the hemp plant are used to make hemp seed oil. You may wonder about the risk of intoxication from this oil but this risk is minimal as food grain strains of the hemp plant are used to obtain this oil. These strains only contain a trace amount of THC which is what gives the recreational effects of marijuana.

However, CBM oil is obtained from leaves, flowers and stalks of the hemp plant so hemp seed oil is not the same as this. The seeds of the hemp plant don’t contain similar levels of CBD as the rest of the parts. But there is a high profile of nutrient content when it comes to hemp seed oil. There are companies where bulk hemp seed oil can be purchased and you should check the guidelines that they stick to as well. Hemp oil has fatty acids that are beneficial for the health of your skin. And the nutrition provided by hemp seed oil can help to maintain skin and prevent any breakouts that may happen. The fatty acids in hemp seed oil can protect the skin from getting inflamed and oxidised. It is a good product to protect the skin from external effects that cause ageing. There are studies that allude to the benefits of hemp seed oil in skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, acne rosacea etc.

Another benefit of the fatty acids in hemp seed oil is that it is good for your brain. The brain needs a lot of healthy fat to operate at an optimal level. However, further research is required to explore the effects of hemp seed oil on the brain. The nutrients in hemp seed oil are good for the heart as well and they can help with cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. The alpha-linolenic acid in hemp seed oil shows promising results in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, it should be noted that there should be significant life changes in diet, exercise and minimizing stress factors to truly reduce your risks. This is only a supplement that will add to your healthy lifestyle.

Full spectrum hemp oil is taken from plant matter and includes additional compounds like CBD. This will have a higher concentration than what hemp seed oil does. Hemp oil acts as a natural pain relief if you are someone who prefers to limit over-the-counter pain medications. Hemp seed oil can help prevent inflammation in the skin that results in acne. So you can try clearing your acne with hemp seed oil. When it comes to people with chronic acne, their sebum glands can be affected by CBD to produce less sebum and therefore reduce the chances of a breakout. Hemp seed oil or full spectrum hemp oil is good for relaxing tight muscles as well. The CBD in hemp oil can help with tense muscles and provide relief. There is new research occurring all the time looking into how hemp seed oil, hemp oil and CBD affects human health. These products are increasingly used in various applications and with the advancing research we will be able to find new avenues of application as well.




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