Fun Ways to Use Frozen Fruit in Your Diet

Fruit makes diets healthy and interesting, and life, too! There’s a hundred ways you can enjoy your fruit, fresh or frozen in your diet.

Ice Cream and Ice Cones

Did you know that you can make ice cream from frozen fruits, that too, those that burst with flavour? Fruits like bananas and avocado are believed to be great for this because they have natural sugar that will contribute to the sweetness of ice cream, and also because these fruits create better textures.


If you checked out pictures of pancakes, or even a recipe, you are sure to find them topped with blueberries or raspberries. Frozen fruit should do just fine for this. Apart from using them as a topping, you can also add the fruit to pancake batter, and they should turn out just amazing!

Flavoured Water

Chilled, flavoured water isn’t something unheard of. Most people prefer flavouring their water just to add a little ‘extra something’ and make things interesting, coz why not? Throw in some strawberries, lemons, or cucumber into your glass and enjoy every sip!

A Quick Salad

Yes, you can use frozen fruit to make a super quick salad. You might think it a bit odd but the blended flavours can turn out to be amazing. Pick some great combinations of fruit and veggies to make things interesting. If it is the first time you are trying it out with frozen veg or fruits, consider looking up some ideas online so you will have a great first-time experience.


Frozen blueberries and raspberries are usually the go-tos for making muffins. They are so convenient, and is no different to fresh fruit when it comes to the final outcome. All you will have is, fresh and soft muffins for the – delicious ones! Frozen berries are great for decorating and topping cakes, too. Use them in gateaux, trifles, fillings, you name it!


Smoothies are usually the quickest option you can think of when you want your drink to be tasty, healthy, and super easy to prepare. That is why almost everyone opts for frozen berries and fruit to blend up their smoothie. Consider Stocking up fruit in your freezer if you are a smoothie person. You’ve got to have them in hand if you are often in for a quickie.


When it comes to yoghurt, you might just opt for frozen berries straight away. It can almost feel like frozen berries are made to be mixed in yoghurt – they can be that good when they go together, in terms of taste and texture. Make sure you grab a bag of frozen berries, two types perhaps, or three, every time you’ve got yoghurt in your shopping basket.


If you are a cereal person, you know that your morning bowl will seem incomplete if it hasn’t got any fruit in it, or on it, rather. As cereal is a quick breakfast item, it is best to opt for frozen than fresh, so you do not have to worry about running late on weekday mornings!




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