Ever Thought of Running Your Own Dessert Bar?

Restaurants are cool but how great would it be if you could own your own dessert bar. If you are a sweet tooth this may sound like a great idea. The factors determining how to get this open are similar yet quite different to a restaurant. Yes, you will need a functioning and fully equipped kitchen with plenty of refrigerator and oven space but your equipment and chef skills will be quite different. However, if this idea excites you here are somethings you will have to consider if you want to open your own dessert bar.

Who You Will Have to Hire?

When opening a restaurant, it is understood that you will need to hire chefs that are skilled in the type of cuisine you are serving. However, for a dessert bar it will be determined on the menu range. Not all chefs are experts in Crème Brûlée while they are exceptional in their choux pastry. True they would have all some level of skill but it really depends on the variety of your menu.

If you yourself will be one of the chefs this might be a good way to start if you lack the capital to expand immediately.  Test out as many recipes and start off with the one you have perfected. As those grow you can add other items over time. This will help as you can specialize in a dessert thus even making it your unique selling point and competitive advantage.

Getting Your Equipment Sorted

A dessert bar will have you investing in certain baking equipment that is different to a restaurant style. Ovens, mixing bowls, large storage refrigerators and even and ice cream machine maybe some of them.

One specific piece of equipment you will need is a whipping cream dispenser and cream chargers. These are cylinders filled with Nitrous Oxide that gives out smooth following cream to layer over your desserts. Eye catching appeal is everything so it counts to invest in the proper equipment in order to really get ahead of the competition.

How Are You Planning on Selling?

The pandemic has made way for many home bakers to do what they love at minimum cost. While there are practicality problems it is an easier choice than having to incur a rent cost. This provides the problem of storage and long-term substance of the venture. If your business idea takes off well you can think of opening up your own place where rent and other overhead costs are affordable.

How Good Is Your Marketing Strategy?

Getting people to buy anything is easy if you hit them where it counts. Use social media channels to find the best way of to market your business and you will have people swarming in. there might be a cost at this stage too but it will be worth it once you see those orders rolling in. so don’t be afraid to try your next venture the worst is you’ll fail.




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