Common Skin Conditions and What to Do About Them

We all want our skin to look perfectly healthy and glowing all the time. However, this is far from achievable as our skin as human beings aren’t all that easy to maintain. Over the years dermatologists have come together to understand that there are many skin conditions that cause irritation to the skin while greatly affecting the appearance. On the other hand these skin conditions also have great psychological effects on their recipients which could be incredibly harmful and lead to fatal effects in the long run. However, the good news is that with the advent of technology these skin conditions have remedies and scientifically proven ones at that. Thus, here’s our list of some common skin conditions with a details description of what to do about them.

Acne Scars

It is natural to get acne and it is recorded that at least every one in four persons has acne. Acne is essentially a result of the adolescent of puberty and so on. This is where hormones run riot with a combination of oil and sweat and dirt produces the dreaded acne. Over time even though it reduces the acne scars still remain and this can severely impact the appearance. There are two main types of acne scars they are the Hypertrophic and keloid scarring as well as the atrophic or depressed scarring. The latter is when the scars look like holes in the skin and the former is mainly due to the excess amount of collagen the body produces. The treatments for these two types of acne scars differ but are still extremely achievable.


Moles are common skin growths and they are extremely common in humans. If not treated however, there could be a possibility of skin cancer. Thus, it is altogether better to remove unwanted moles. There are two distinctive types of mole removing methods. They are surgical excision where the part on your face or your body that carries the mole is numbed and the doctor is able to cut through the entire mole. Doing a small surgery and ending it with stitches. The second method is to use a surgical shave. Stitches are not needed in this method and it is usually done in a way that does not require any stitches. Essentially the blade is taken and the mole is shaven off.


Birthmarks like its name entails are quite literally marks that you were born with. They essentially must appear within the first few week of being born and can range in colour shapes and sizes. They essentially contribute to the individual and the variety of birthmarks shows that no two birthmarks are the same. Birthmarks in some cultures however can cause economic burdens. Moreover, there are some birthmarks that over time proceed to become an ulcer or an open sore that could become infected and cause problems. Such birthmarks must be shown to a dermatologist for advice and taken care of in an extremely careful manner.

This concludes our list of skin conditions that are most common and what to do about them.




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