6 Causes of Lower Back Pain to Watch Out For

Lower back pain can be a cumbersome issue and while usually seen in adults, can also affect more active kids who are constantly using their muscles. Lower back pain can either be a sharp or dull pain radiating from a single spot but it can also spread to other areas like your hips or legs. Because this is quite a common issue, it would really help for you to know the causes behind it, so here are some you’ll have to watch out for.

Poor Posture

Poor posture while sitting in an office chair or simply by being seated for far too long can give way to spasms. Certain people don’t get up to shake their limbs once this happens but instead adapt their posture to deal with the spasms. Long term, this will make the pain worse. So whenever you head in to work, make sure you adjust your office chair accordingly so that you’re at a comfortable distance from your computer. Don’t forget to take regular breaks, however.

No Exercise

Did you know that adults who spend most of their days sitting around in front of a computer screen actually weaken their muscles which are not in use? So especially your back is weakened and vulnerable to damage, when you try to perform strenuous activities you’re prone to aches. Make sure to exercise regularly to avoid this situation.


This is especially common when someone tries out a new exercise. So when we tell you to exercise, we don’t mean push yourself past uncomfortable limits. According to your diet, lifestyle and body weight, you should exercise responsibly to avoid spinal and lower back problems.

Disc Disorders

This is one of the more uncomfortable and painful things that lead to back aches. A disc disorder or herniated disc is when the disc is compressed and bulges out of the spinal column. Needless to say if such a situation comes about, you won’t be able to exercise or move much and you might benefit from a professional organization like Sims Finn Chiropractic taking care of you.

Nerve Damage

If you’re suffering from lower back aches, then there is a possibility that you have a condition or injury that is affecting the nerves in that area. For example, the disorder radiculopathy comes about as compression, inflammation or injury to a nerve ending. This will bring about spasms in your lower back.


Stress and anxiety is another common reason that back pains come about. Essentially a person under psychological distress manifest their emotions physically, which gives way to odd aches and pain, headaches etc. Some people who are stressed and anxious also withdraw and become physically inactive. This once again weakens the muscles and undoubtedly involves a bad posture or two.

These 6 causes can easily give way to an aching back, headaches or other physical ailments so make sure to take care of yourself health-wise and visit a professional if this is a recurring problem to eliminate the possibility of a serious condition.




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