5 Ways to Look Your Best When Working Out

Obviously, no one looks like a model or a star when working out in the gym. However when we look good, we feel more confident in doing our fitness regimen especially at the gym where there are other people around. No need to worry because there are still ways to look great even when you’re pounding your way on that treadmill.

Clothes That Flatter Your Figure

With so many gym clothing and fitness wear to choose from, picking one that suits you gets a little difficult. Don’t go for fashion fads since they will just go out of style after a few months. Instead, pick one that flatters your figure the most. You’ll know it after trying out a gym wear in a shop. If it doesn’t look good on you or you’re unsure if you like it, then don’t buy it. Choose one that flatters your shape, has a good fit and accentuate those parts that you’re proud of. Shop Brick City Villin womens fitness wear for quality and stylish gym wear you can even wear on the streets.

Choose Breathable Materials

When buying gym wear, make sure it is made of breathable or moisture wicking materials to avoid those ugly sweat marks. Avoid wearing cotton garments when working out since it absorbs moisture a lot which clings to your skin when wet enough. The best workout clothes are made from breathable materials such as spandex, polyester and nylon. These three also wick moisture away from your skin keeping you dry no matter how long you workout.

Put On Natural Makeup

While some women opt for a no-makeup look when working out, having little natural makeup helps you look great and feel confident during your regimen. A light based tinted moisturizer or foundation is perfect to create a fresh complexion. Pair it with a tinted lip balm so it doesn’t look overdone. Don’t forget to wear waterproof mascara to brighten up your eyes.

Go for Updo Hairstyles

While wearing your hair down looks great on most occasions, it won’t and will never be when you’re all sweaty at the gym. To avoid that sticky hair look, go for updo hairstyles such as a bun, a high ponytail or a braided ponytail to keep hair away from your face. If you have lots of baby hairs, keep them out of the way with a cotton hair band. You’ll absolutely look fresh even after your workout.

Keep Those Shine Away

Sweat and oil cannot be avoided when working out but they are easy to fix. Use a damp towel to blot away sweat and oil especially on your face to keep you looking fresh. You may also try using a sports sponge which is extra absorbent, perfect to be used as cleansing wipes anytime you need them. Don’t forget to drink lots of water to cool down and stay hydrated after exercising.

With these tips, you can surely look your best even after a run or a workout at the gym.




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