5 Things You Should do Before a Workout

When it comes to working out, the session itself ends up getting a lot of credit. What people fail to realize is that what happens building up to a workout or even after a workout adds to what makes it so successful. These deserve just as much attention. Seemingly small yet essential pre-workout rituals ensure that you’re adding the right type of fuel to the fire as well as setting yourself up for healthy muscle recovery after. Here are some things you should definitely start doing pre-workout if you aren’t already.


You need to first prioritize getting a good night’s rest. Why? This is the actual period of time when your body is in full rest mode and is allowing itself to heal. Without this crucial element, you won’t be as energized in your sessions as you’d like to be. Usually people are advised to get at least 7 hours of sleep in before hitting the gym, but a good rest after your workout will help the recovery process too.


We all know that keeping hydrated is important in general.  But it’s even more so when it comes to working out because you’ll be sweating quite a bit and losing moisture. Because of this, you need to make sure you balance that loss out and consume enough water before, during and after your workout session or you’ll start feeling lightheaded. Also, being hydrated keeps your energy levels up so that’s a bonus point. If your urine is darker in colour, know that it’s more concentrated, which means that you don’t have enough water in you so make it a point to drink more water.


During your workout you shouldn’t be starving or feeling too full. Strive for a balance. If you absolutely feel like you’ll be forcing down your food, then have your meal after but a light, healthy snack only fuels your body to work better. For example, a piece of toast may be all you need to get yourself going. Don’t be one of those people who works out intensely and doesn’t eat appropriately. Eventually, your body will work itself too hard and give up on you if you don’t nourish it as much as you’re pushing it. So, remember, a healthy snack won’t harm anyone.


Wearing the right clothes means that you’ll have a far more enjoyable workout- your endurance will be better, you’ll be able to move freely and reduce the risk of injuries, you won’t be bogged down with sweat and uncomfortable, etc. Men who do intensive workouts or those dealing with cardio will benefit from Virus mens singlets. And women should remember to first and foremost invest in proper chest support. A sports bra should have an elastic that’s snug and doesn’t chafe. Sports shoes too are an essential investment, so you can avoid blisters that will hinder the workout.


A warm-up before your workout is essential because it prepares your body for what is to follow and reduces your chances of injury. It vastly increases your flexibility so take a few minutes off to incorporate some stretches into your routine.

These are the most important things you should do pre-workout to smash it out of the ballpark!




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