5 Popular Strategies to Build Up Your Strength

One of the most popular questions a fitness trainer is asked is- what’s the best way to build up strength? Don’t confuse the definition of it, however- your strength is not just determined by your muscle size. It’s a well-rounded ability to be better- run better, lose weight faster, and pack a punch harder. You get the drill. You need to get a holistic view of what it means to be strong and apply different strategies if you want to achieve your goal.


You’re going to make use of the big four during your routine- the squat, deadlift, bench press, and shoulder press. These are, hands down, the best strength building exercises for you to make use of and balance out the exertion of your muscles quite well. In addition to this, you can also dabble with the chin up and row but don’t forget that the big four steal the show. If you’re just starting off into this venture, you’ll have personal trainers at fitness fit Fitzroy north to guide you along the way.


The most habitual of equipment, the barbells are going to be one of your most essential components. Your workouts can begin with barbell exercises involving the above big four. A core part of building up your strength is heavy lifting so since barbells let you load plenty of weight, it makes this a great way to slowly build up your capabilities and push your limits. With the heavy stuff out of the way, you can the move on to body weight training.


If you’re an advanced lifter, then you would probably be going according to a certain rep speed. This is great! But it’s definitely not something that anyone starting out should adhere to. Your first focus should be control- how well you can raise and lower your weights. To get stronger you’ll have to slowly increase your load. Remember, don’t try to speed things up, just count your reps alone. Another point is to keep your workouts short within a session. Ideally you’d have 4-5 lifts per workout. You don’t want to cram your sessions because there’s a high chance you’ll end up not performing properly and have poor form.


If you were wondering how many sets you should go for, 5 would be a pretty great place to start. This has been known to give the best results in terms of muscle size and gains. Usually going beyond this number of sets results in poor form anyway.


It’s best to take long distance running down a notch because it stimulates hormones to break down muscle tissue. If you want to get both lean and strong, you’ll want to do your cardio in shorter durations. Alternate between walking and sprints- don’t push yourself with running too much.

These are the most popular strategies you can use to consistently build your strength up. It’s important that you push yourself but not in a manner that jeopardizes your form so be careful with your workouts!




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