3 Reasons Why Nursing Is the Best Career

Nursing is an important career. Not only is it crucial to the health industry- thus the general public, but it is also a career that is great if you’re looking to make a good living. I am almost done with my nursing degree, having already done a diploma in the subject. And I can truthfully say that this is the best career field that there is, which explains the copious amount of students that choose this as their future. If you’re uncertain, this article will help you. We’ll be discussing why nursing is a perfect career choice.

Your Heart Will Be Happy

An essential part of nursing is caring for others. It’s a field that offers you the ability to not only save people but to bring smiles on people’s faces. Isn’t that great? I know I would feel fulfilled knowing a family is thankful to me for helping their sick son.

To be honest, this is what made me choose to go into the field. I wanted to experience this joy, which is why I enrolled in the HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing at Skills Training Institute.

There are various ways to help. Nursing isn’t just one field. There is interesting expertise to pick from, such as midwifery where you help bring babies into the world, or aged care where you help look after those who once helped you. Whatever you pick, you’re sure to make a positive impact.

Never Fear For Unemployment

The health industry is a job market that is never going to stop being in demand it’s going to always be a constant as people need medical assistance at least once in their lifetime. This is why research has shown that registered nurses will rise by 15% in employability between the years 2016-2026.

You can jump into your higher education knowing you’ll be guaranteed a job by the time you’re out, and! If you’re ever fired, you know the job market is immense. This is any students dream and I happened to land a job as an enrolled nurse immediately after my diploma.

So? You’ll be promised job security for the rest of your life. That’s amazing, but do you know how high salaries of nurses are? Around 100k a year!

No More 9-5s!

If you’re a nurse, not only do you have the above benefits at your fingertips, but you also have the flexibility of choosing when to clock in at work. This doesn’t sound like a big deal but let me explain. It’s obvious that hospitals run 24/7, which is why nurses cannot be working that timeframe- it’s impossible! Thus, they’ve been gifted the beauty of clocking in and out, allowing nurses to choose when they want to start their shift and end it. This opportunity is great if you want to spend more time with your family or want to have other jobs to get some extra cash on the side (not that you’ll need it!)

Inspired? Do you think you’ll become a nurse?




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